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Monday 14th NOVEMBER 2016 (RBAI)

Sheryl Rynkol

Titanic’s “Big Piece:”

 Excavating Thoughts On this Controversial Exhibition

Named the “Big Piece,” due to its 15-ton weight and massive 26 by 12 feet size, this starboard section of Titanic’s hull holds the title of being the largest-sized Titanic artifact surfaced to date. Recovered in 1998 by RMS Titanic Inc., this artifact has undergone conservation efforts and traveled across the United States to debut in many exhibitions. The “Big Piece” has become THE pilgrimage of many Titanoraks and currently can be seen at Titanic:  The Artifact Exhibition at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Should this large piece of the RMS Titanic ever have been raised to become an exhibition tribute or should it have been left alone on the ocean floor and revered as part of gravesite? While this question lies at the heart of a monumental controversy, this presentation will share thoughts from exhibition visitors and workers as well as connect deions and inter-related details about the “Big Piece” itself. Come join the historical journey of this piece and reflect upon its public reception and impact on the overall Titanic legacy.  



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